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January Bottom Line Issue

Soft serve only DQ in Marion, IA for sale. 30₵ /gallon contract. Rebuilt in 2015 to add seating & drive thru. Gross sales $350K. Call Lori @ 610-731-7232 or bouskie@yahoo.com.
Phoenix AZ area Grill & Chill. Great historical sales & increases. 2017 $973k NET. Land/Building/Business or Business only purchase. No modernization requirement due until 2024. Call 480-986-0982.

Grill & Chill DQ opened in late 2013 is for sale or lease. Address: 11 James P. Kelly Way, Middletown, NY 10998. Please call Don at 201-961-3631 or email frostmag@aol.com for more information.

DQ Logo High Output LED Pole & Building Signage – 6 months old. Can crate and ship. Signs in Nashville. Call 615-268-3044.

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