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The Dairy Queen Operators Association and Cooperative is run by and for Dairy Queen franchisees.  The DQOA/DQOC is in its 43rd year of service as the only independent voice for Dairy Queen Franchisees throughout the United States.  Your DQOA/DQOC membership is vital to your business success.  In addition to enhancing your bottom line, your Association continues to work as your advocate.  Members receive valuable information and insights that explain, in plain language, important current issues affecting Dairy Queen Franchisees.  Your Association is committed to constructively negotiating necessary changes with IDQ that will ensure a healthy and growing Dairy Queen system, more royalty income for IDQ, and a sound future for all Dairy Queen Franchisees.  Your membership support and involvement is essential to this effort.

Operators who join the DQOA/DQOC win, because:

  • DQOA/DQOC supports the growth of the Dairy Queen brand.
  • DQOA/DQOC is your advocate; watching over your franchise interests and helping protect your equity in your Dairy Queen store.
  • DQOA/DQOC works constructively with IDQ management and attempts to negotiate business strategies and practices that are in your best interest.
  • The Cooperative helps lower your cost of goods by providing quality DQOC products that meet or exceed IDQ approvals and by maintaining healthy competition with IDQ’s suppliers of Dairy Queen products.
  • You have access and involvement with fellow franchisees.
  • You get independent information and insights about issues affecting your franchise.

Membership also ensures that your franchisee publications, Bottom Line newsletter, DQOA Wire and News Alerts, will continue to provide valuable insights about your Dairy Queen business including product and mix pricing.

The Dairy Queen Operators' Cooperative endorsed distributors and suppliers provide products that are approved by International Dairy Queen. In doing so the DQOC has consistently driven down the cost of goods. Another benefit of becoming a DQOA/DQOC member and purchasing DQOC endorsed products is you will receive dividends.

We encourage you to browse our web site. Become informed on new issues. Become inspired by what you learn about supporting yourself, the franchisee. And then, take whatever steps you can to make a difference.

If you are interested in becoming a member and taking advantage of these benefits you can contact us for more information or fill out a member application and send it in.

45th Annual National Convention

November 20-24, 2015
Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort
Bonita Springs, FL

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New Orkin Program Now Available

The DQOC is pleased to announce that we have partnered with one of the largest and most well-known pest control companies in the U.S. Orkin Pest Control is most recognized for being the largest residential pest control service company in the U.S., but they are also one of the largest providers of commercial pest control services as well.

DQOA members will earn dividends on this new endorsed national program.

Contact John Madison at (614) 620-0566

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A Message From Your Fellow Franchisees

Members of the DQOA have developed a short video that will provide some additional insight and knowledge about the DQOA and DQOC.

Watch "A Message From Your Fellow Franchisees"

Watch "A Message From Your Fellow Franchisees" Expanded Version

Platinum Membership Option

The DQOA is now offering an additional membership level. Click here for details on the new Platinum membership option. You may also pay or upgrade your membership online.

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Current DQOA Publications

DQOA Bottom Line- April 2015

In this issue:
DQOA/DQOC Bullet Keep Your Eye on the Core
DQOA/DQOC Bullet DQOA Member Dividends
DQOA/DQOC Bullet From the Desk of the Executive Directo
DQOA/DQOC Bullet Be the Voice that Creates Change
DQOA/DQOC Bullet DQ Franchisee Petition
DQOA/DQOC Bullet At 75
DQOA/DQOC Bullet Dairy Queen Balances Tradition and Innovation
DQOA/DQOC Bullet New Chemical Cleaning Program
DQOA/DQOC Bullet Special Cone Pricing Extended
DQOA/DQOC Bullet Vanilla Mix Pricing
DQOA/DQOC Bullet DQBakes! Product Update
DQOA/DQOC Bullet Buyer Beware
DQOA/DQOC Bullet DQOA Platinum Membership
DQOA/DQOC Bullet DQOA Convention Update

To view earlier issues visit our DQOA Publications section.

Monthly Mix Prices
June Mix Prices

To view earlier mix prices visit our Mix Prices section.
DQ Treat Tracker

1. Click on the link DQ Treat Tracker.

2. Save a copy of the DQ Treat Tracker File to your desktop.

3. There are 12 (monthly) worksheet tabs in the attached file. The following data must be entered into the desired monthly spreadsheet:

DQOA/DQOC Bullet In the Yellow highlighted column, key in the number of units sold of each menu item for the desired month.
DQOA/DQOC Bullet In the Orange highlighted column, key in the price of each menu item for the desired month.
DQOA/DQOC Bullet In the Blue highlighted column, enter the total dollar amount of discounts applicable for the period.

The preset formulas will automatically calculate the totals columns.


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